Tuesday, August 7, 2007

2008 Prez Wannabees

M.O.W found this chart on the internets and thought that it might be helpful for those of you--like her--who are trying to sort out all of the myriad candidates and positions. This little chart--M.O.W. is not sure who made it, truth be known--handily organizes the 18 known candidates on 18 issues facing the United States in the year 2007.

We have to admit that no one here corresponds exactly to our views, but we like Obama and Edwards the best at this point (we even have an Obama t-shirt). They seem hopeful, energetic. They seem like they have a plan and they know how to use it. They do not appear to be out for power merely for power's sake, but rather to do something good with it. We like that and we hope for good things from them. Remembering that abuse of power comes as no surprise, we are cautiously optimistic, however.

Yet, in glancing over their respective positions we were a little dismayed to learn that Edwards supports the death penalty, which M.O.W. finds barbaric. Why, oh, why Mr. Edwards should the state be allowed to kill people? Isn't it bad enough that we have the world's largest prison population? And, Mr. Obama, don't think that we didn't notice that you and Edwards both support the Patriot Act and are both against same-sex marriage. What gives, gentleman? We find many things to admire in your positions, we would just feel more comfortable giving you our support if we could understand why you think it fine to deny people basic rights and equality.

What say you Founder-Chic readers: Obama/Edwards '08 or Edwards/Obama '08?


GayProf said...

I don't like any of them. Obama and Edwards both have very little experience. To be honest, I am tired of having a president on the upward slope of a learning curve.

Richardson, however, has tons of experience.

veej said...

I think we should get Bush to serve just one more term. He's gotta get better then, I mean come on, with this many busts the house odds say that he's gotta start winning a hand sometime soon...

GayProf said...

What? No post on Constitution day???