Friday, July 27, 2007

You Talkin' to Me?

M.O.W. finds this report from the November 13, 1798 Gazette of the United States comical:

"THE jacobins have taken up the trick of late, which they have borrowed from their friends, the French, of employing ladies in their wicked maneuvers...The amiable daughters of America will lose greatly by mingling in the stormy elements of politics...This ill-chosen business, if you pursue it, will spoil your beauty, as well as mar your happiness; it will plant your bosoms with thorns, and deform your lovely faces with wrinkles before their proper time. Be warned; retreat, before it it too late."

A Friend to the Fair
(Quoted from: American Aurora, Richard N. Rosenfeld, 538)

M.O.W. admits that she would not like her lovely face deformed by wrinkles before her time, nor would she like thorns in her bosom. Perhaps you are right GUS, perhaps we ladies should leave the politic-ing to the men. You all seem to be doing a fine job ruining, I mean running, the nation.

Why are you trying to annoy us, GUS?


GayProf said...

Yeah -- Stay out of politics. Now get in the kitchen and fix me a chicken potpie, Bitch.

Mercy O. Warren said...

Yes, sir. I will make you a chicken pot pie, glad to do it too. Just tell me: if I go into the kitchen and make you chicken pot pie does that mean that I won't get wrinkles and thorns? Because if I'm going to get them anyway, then forget it.

Politics is more fun, Weeeeeee!