Saturday, February 16, 2008

Thank you Anonymous!

We've just recieved the following from Founder-Chic reader Anonymous:

"You are so completeley backwards! The atempted COUP D' ETAT of 2000 by the democrat (democratic) party was disgusting. Recount after recount and change the criteria was bad enough,but, they had 52,000 military votes thrown out because of a technicality that was already accepted by florida. Hanging chads were not. You dems crossed the line, and, as usual, point your finger at the right. The right may not have the media on thier side to spread lies, but, they do have the spirit of our founding fathers. No matter how hard you try to pervert history on this web-site, the leftist tyranny you promote will never take hold."

It is our first hate mail and we could not be prouder! Thank you Anonymous for taking the time out of your busy day to clarify that only "the right" has the "spirit of our founding fathers" on their side. We "pervert history" on this website, we sure do! And, we spread the "leftist tyranny" far and wide, you caught us!

Bravo, well played Anonymous! You are a real American hero.

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