Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Remembering 1776

We found the following on The Charlatan Stew Collection:

"The time is particularly ripe for anarchist accounts of the American Revolutionary period and afterward. Nixon has already set researchers, paid by the government, to the task of preparing for the Bi-Centennial of the American Revolution, 1776-1976. In the works are a pro-nationalist, pro-patriotic, pro-government propaganda campaign distorting the events of the American Revolution to government purposes. An organization called the People's Bi-Centennial Commission is planning opposition to this move by the government, by making plans for what amounts to a counter-propaganda campaign by radicals.

This seems to us a good idea, worth serious consideration. How-ever, from what little is known about the People's Bi-Centennial Commission, a lot of their material is likely to be nationalistic, and at worst authoritarian Marxist-Leninism wrapped in the flag to make it palatable."

As you know we are particularly interested in both the American Revolution and how the American Revolution has been used as a rhetorical object to persuade Americans of certain truths about their role within the government. Therefore, we are intrigued by Nixon's Commission and even more intrigued by the People's own Commission. We wonder if anything ever came from it.


GayProf said...

*cough* watergate *cough*

I seem to remember Gerald Ford's daughter running around in red, white, and blue britches in 1976. Probably Betty was drunk at the time.

Mercy O. Warren said...

dear gayprof,

do you mean to tell me that you did not also sport little red, white, and blue short-pants in 1976? M.O.W's mommy made her lots and lots of red, white, and blue clothes that year (photographic evidence says). perhaps this explains why M.O.W. is such a Founder-stalker? a thing like that would certainly make a yankee doodle dandy out of a girl...